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Lions Park Playground Equipment

Project Objective:

Cochranton Area Redevelopment Effort (CARE) has launched a fundraising campaign to update the playground area at the Cochranton Lions Park.  For decades, the Lions Club has maintained the family friendly park located behind the fire station in town. Many improvements have been made over the years such as refurbished picnic shelters and a paved trail for hikers and bikers circling the entire park.  The area is beautifully groomed and welcomes the junior soccer teams and the YMCA day camps in the summer.  What is lacking is updated playground equipment.  CARE has agreed to tackle the $50,000 upgrade by researching the options and raising the funds to see that the Lions Park has playground equipment that is safe, suitable for all users, and reflects the interests and needs of the community.

Project Activities:

Marsha Rynd serves as vice president of CARE and chairperson of the Playground Committee. She and her committee members have met with playground design firms on several occasions to assess what can be kept, what safety measures are needed, and what new equipment options are available for the space and budget. Working closely with the Lions, the committee has drafted a proposed plan for new sliding boards, swings and climbing webs.  The plan includes soft cushion fall zones under each piece of equipment.

The committee has been busy contacting local businesses and interested individuals  since the summer of 2016.  To date the group has raised just over $15,000 of the $50,000 needed.  The campaign hopes to raise awareness for the project so that installations may begin in earnest soon; there is much to be done. Contributions can be made to CARE at PO Box 552, Cochranton, PA, 16314.  CARE is designated by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  Your contribution may be tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Breaking Ground May 2017 


CARE is a non-profit organization dedicated to working together to improve our community by taking advantage of our strengths while addressing our weaknesses.


Cochranton Area Redevelopment Effort, Inc.
Attn: Mark Roche
102 Roche Lane, P.O. Box 552
Cochranton, PA 16314

Phone: 814-425-7700


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