Education Initiative & Partnership

Community Planning & Activities

Project Objective:

CARE is committed to making Cochranton a town filled with a true community atmosphere, a full calendar, and a plan for the future. Over time, CARE’s hope is to build a comprehensive Community Plan for Cochranton, which will tie together an assortment of improvements already completed or envisioned for the community. We are committed to working with the entire community - including collaboration with all of the community’s civic, fraternal and church organizations – to craft this vision and plan.

Project Activities:

CARE’s approach to planning and activities is to highlight and bolster community strengths, while trying to address areas of weakness. We work continuously to:

  • Bring together other community-oriented groups to cross-promote and support worthwhile initiatives;

  • Plan events such as French Creek Heritage Day [incorporate link to PDF Flyer], which highlights the rich historical heritage of the region and brings visitors to our community and our businesses;

  • Coordinate events such as Community Clean-Ups, to keep the community looking its best.

We are constantly identifying underutilized assets or areas of blight, and formulating future development options aimed at transforming these weaknesses into opportunities.


CARE is a non-profit organization dedicated to working together to improve our community by taking advantage of our strengths while addressing our weaknesses.


Cochranton Area Redevelopment Effort, Inc.
Attn: Mark Roche
102 Roche Lane, P.O. Box 552
Cochranton, PA 16314

Phone: 814-425-7700


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