Senior Citizens Housing & Eldercare Project

Senior Citizens Housing & Eldercare Project

Project Objective:

CARE envisions the eventual construction of a community/senior center and affordable senior citizen housing, consisting of apartment-style accommodations for elders. In addition, CARE is working to formulate a comprehensive strategy for better addressing the needs of the community’s seniors, including in-home care options and services. CARE acknowledges that this is its most challenging and longest lead-time project, and the one with the most significant hurdles. Successful completion requires us to view this process as a marathon, not a sprint!

Project Activities:

CARE is in the process of researching the specific needs of the community with regard to senior housing and eldercare services, with surveys being an important tool in gauging the overall need and prioritization of specific housing alternatives and service options. [Provide a toggle button or link to survey templates] In addition , CARE is identifying potential strategic partners and possible templates for a senior center, affordable senior housing and in-home care and services. Our focus in these efforts is on identifying, fostering and forming partnerships with reputable, reliable and experienced care and housing providers.


CARE is a non-profit organization dedicated to working together to improve our community by taking advantage of our strengths while addressing our weaknesses.


Cochranton Area Redevelopment Effort, Inc.
Attn: Mark Roche
102 Roche Lane, P.O. Box 552
Cochranton, PA 16314

Phone: 814-425-7700


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