Education Initiative & Partnership

Community Beautification & Recreation

Project Objective:

CARE is seeking to reinforce the welcoming and family-friendly environment of our community through a wide assortment of beautification and recreation-related projects. Public areas such as our parks and trails enable us to gather and actually be a community; they are among our most valuable resources.

Project Activities:

CARE targets the betterment of the community through involvement in several distinct areas or sub-projects, including the following:

  • General Community Beautification – By planting flowers and installing welcome signs (2 installed, 2 to go!), CARE seeks to make the community more appealing, open and hospitable.

  • Greenspaces - Cochranton Lions Community Park & Greenways Trail – We work in partnership with other community groups to ensure that “cornerstone” greenspaces are both protected and improved for future generations to enjoy.

  • French Creek Valley Conservancy’s Creek Towns Program – CARE has formed a strong working partnership with FCVC, and is looking forward to a busy couple of years. With the new Rt 173 bridge completed, CARE will be working with FCVC to design and build a first class access area on French Creek. Possible features may include picnic areas, informational kiosks, canoe/kayak storage and informational signage to highlight places to visit within the community. Through FCVC’s Creek Towns Program, Cochranton will be participating with a growing number of communities in a “branded” effort to promote the French Creek Valley for activities such as fishing, hiking and a full array of waterborne adventure.


CARE is a non-profit organization dedicated to working together to improve our community by taking advantage of our strengths while addressing our weaknesses.


Cochranton Area Redevelopment Effort, Inc.
Attn: Mark Roche
102 Roche Lane, P.O. Box 552
Cochranton, PA 16314

Phone: 814-425-7700


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